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"Wow! I love your publishing company. Hope is definitely the most important thing (and a sense of humor) that people need to get through."

Dr. Paula F. Eagle, M.D.
"What a wonderful idea!
A Survivor-friendly press that will publish shorter pieces."

Jeannie Riseman
Editor, Survivorship
Annette Y Dunn
Cindy Mott
Deborah Gonzalez
Ducky Alberici
Esther Pizarro
Kathryn Anzak
Keren Valentin
Lisa Turner
Sandra Hernandez
Wendy Apgar
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A Moment with God
Christine Chipman

Beautiful poetry that will warm your heart, as she shares God's love in words of hope and encouragement!
Keren Valentin

A short, short story  of a young woman who finds peace within her garden, as a young boy shows her the way!

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Christine Chipman
Lisa Nieves
Light of the World
Written By Carol Spadea

A Beautiful testimony of a Jewish young woman who found love, comfort and strength through the love of Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. Heart moving and wonderful, sure to move your heart and bring comfort.

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To Meet Such A Man
From Across International Ministries

A heartwarming short story with a twist!
It will move you and leave you speechless.

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A House for Survivors
& those who wish to seek God.

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