Wendy Apgar
When Shadows Come

A glimpse into Wendy's life, her struggles, her thoughts and her pain. Powerful poems that will move your heart and make you think.

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About The Author

Wendy Apgar originally from Oregon has published a quarterly newsletter which addressed recovery issues. Wendy has been in recovery for a long time and considers herself a survivor of emotional, sexual, and ritual abuse. "Recovery is an on-going process, but I've come a long way from where I began" Said Wendy.
Wendy Apgar is currently working on a book which is a compilation of sayings that she has compiled over the years. She has been published in a number of magazines and a book by Blue Mountain Arts. Not to mention numerous anthologies.
From the Booklet

No Longer Alone

A ray of hope glimmers in the darkness
Ahand reaching out to span the distance
Moving past walls built to protect myself
Letting me know I'm no longer alone.
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