Lisa Nieves
Now I lay me Down to Sleep
My Little Prayer Book

Small pocket size booklets of prayer poems to bring comfort and hope. Carry them anywhere in your pocket or pocket book.

Price: $2.95 a set
About The Author

Lisa Nieves is a young woman who is a survivor of abuse. She enjoys reading and writing poetry. Her believe in the lord has given her the strength to move on and overcome many obstacles. She is a college student hoping to someday be a writer.

From the Booklet

I Am Not Afraid

I am not afraid
I will have courage and Hope
For my God will keep me at rest and in peace.
I will lie down unafraid
for God will keep me safe.
I am not afraid
Because I trust in you
My Lord.

From Now I lay me down to sleep

He Will Keep You

As we face those stormy days,
take a hold of God's hand.
Hold on tight
And don't fear your past.
For God will
Uphold you with
His victorious right hand.
So trust in Him
Who keeps us strong
and holds us tightly within
His Arms of Love.

From My Little Prayer Book

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