Guidelines are as follows for Booklets:

1. Send in a letter giving IOHP permission to publish your materials, short stories, stories, poems or articles. To be used in the form of booklets, bookmarker, and poem-books. Also include that you will be receiving 30% of the sales, this is for your protection as well as mine.

2. Send in your full name or the name you wish to appear on the cover.

3. Include some information about yourself, if you wish, for others to know who you are. 

4. If you have any pictures or drawings you would like on your booklet send them in GIF or JPG formats.

5. When sending in poems for your own booklets send NO less then 12 poems, and no more then 28 lines. They should be an even number of poems, like 12, 16, 20, 24 and so on, this makes the booklets even.

6. When writing a short story make sure there 4000 words or less. (We are just starting out, in time we will accept more) The same goes for articles. For short, short stories no more then 2000 words. Also send them in document form Microsoft Word ( Windows )

7. You retain all the copyrights to your materials.

8. If you wish to receive a copy of your published materials you would need to send me your mailing information.

10. You can send your writings through E-mail or you could send them to: Inscriptions of Hope Publishing... P.O. Box 179, Buchanan, NY 10511
Doubled spaced when mailing in.

11. A processing fee of $20.00 is required

If you have any further questions please feel free to e-mail me or call at 1-914-943-9184

By NO means will we accept explicit or abusive materials!!!

Guidelines for Newsletter
A Moment With God!

For individuals that wish to submit writings and poetry to our newsletter.
We gladly accept your writings for publication in our newsletter.

1. We need a letter with permission to publish, edit, and/or use excerpts from the work that you submit.

2. Please include the name or surname that you would like your work published under.

3. In addition some of the work received may also be considered for our website.

4. Short stories and Testimonies should be no more then four pages in a 12 point font.

5. If you wish for your testimony to be put in booklet form please follow the instruction above and let us know.

6. Make sure that all writings are double spaced when emailing or mailing them in.

7. You can submit as many works as you like, as many times as you like.

8. You keep all the copyrights to your work.

9. If your sending in your testimony for booklet publication please, no more then 3000 words. A processing fee of $20.00 is required.
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Guidelines For Writers
Guidelines For A Moment With God Newsletter
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