Lisa Turner
Together We Can Touch A Life

A look at Lisa's past and her discovery
of a loving God.

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About The Author

Lisa Turner is married and has two wonderful daughters. And a survivor of abuse. "The Lord has brought me through it to help others who might be going through the same abuse or different. I have a webring on the net for support for the abused and survivors of abuse. I was abused as a child, and the Lord has brought me through some deep and dark valleys, so that I might someday be a strong witness testifying to His great love and His wonderful faithfulness. I wish to encourage whenever I can those who are in need or suffering.

From the Booklet

The Bible says we owe no man anything except to LOVE Him, (God) first and above all others. The Lord was there for me all the time. Watching over me...bringing me through those things and events in my life, that at the time I didn't even see or know. He was preparing me to work for Him, Giving me real substance, compassion and love to help others in the future.
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