Healing The Child Within

Heart breaking, moving and wonderfully written. Brining tears to your eyes and warmth to your heart. This poem book will move you deeply.
Warning: May be triggering to survivors

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About The Author

Christine, other wise known as Chrissy in the survivors world. Chrissy is married with three beautiful children.
"I have traveled a journey from being a victim to being a survivor. I have found that the key to healing is acceptance. To recognize the effects of my abuse and naming these effects was not an easy thing to do.  I encourage other survivors to take their power back from their abusers. So that one day we shall all dance in the sunshine of recovery, it is truly possible to recover and heal.
From the Booklet

Broken Hearts

Broken Hearts.
They  mend so slow
Deep cracks of pain
That seem to grow.
With every step that's made to heal,
What caused each crack of pain is real.

Broken Hearts
Oh, how they ache
Greet all with a smile
Although it's fake.
Forced laughs and jokes
To hide the dark,
While deep inside,
Life's sealed its mark.

Broken Hearts
Bruised and stained
With blood
With questions Why?
Tears flow and flood.
Sobs of sorrow
Reveal broken hearts.
Mend a crack,
Then healing starts!
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