Signs of MPD/DID
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I have put this small list of symptoms that someone with MPD/DID would have. Use it as a reference, do not analyze yourself or someone you may know. I'm not a professional!  If you think you or someone you know may have MPD/DID please see a professional.



Hearing voices within not audible

Amnesia - not remembering where you were or how you got to a certain place. Or buying something you don't remember buying.

Noticing that things are missing or new things that you can't account for. Like new clothe, new shoes and so on.

Others may tell you of events that you can't remember

Feeling like another person exist inside that is unlike you.

Referring to yourself as "We" "Us"  "Her" or "She"

Blank Spells

Lost of energy


Suicidal Behavior or attempts

Different handwritings

Feeling surreal and disconnected from reality


Sleeping disorders

Anorexia or Bulimia

Different talents, skills and interest more the usual

Talk of missing days, weeks and even years

Injuring oneself in anyway that is hurtful to the body or person and not being aware of it

Abusive relationships

Switching emotions of pain to laughter like it was nothing

Crying all of a sudden and instantly cutting it off like nothing has happen

Having many forms of sex problems


Being diagnosed previously with one or more of the following: bipolar, borderline personality disorder, severe depression or schizophrenia

Feelings of shame, guilt

Feeling like your a burden to others

Feeling dissociated

Not feeling connected to your surrounding (not like deja vu)

Don't like asking for any kind of help

Shutting down or finding yourself in a fetal position

Unaware of how you found yourself in a different place

Described by others as two or more personality

Not recognizing a friend or family member

Having different life styles

Outburst of anger for no apparent reason

Changes in appearance and body language

Talking to oneself as though you're correcting someone

And the list could go on.

These signs or symptoms may vary from multiple to multiple. Not every person is the same. If you need help contact a professional who is open minded and not set in the old ways of psychology. There is help for those who suffer with MPD/DTD. Stand strong and stay safe.