Negative Triggers for multiples as well as survivors not diagnosed with MPD/DID can experience many of the following triggers.

Keep in mind that negative triggers create a motion in the sub-conscious which ripples emotions, flashback and physical reactions. Sometimes the person experiencing a trigger may not be aware of what has triggered them.

Triggers can be set off by the following

A certain time of day or evening
A particular smell, sound, texture, or color
A touch by someone familiar or not
Things people may say
Certain mannerisms seen in others
Seeing someone that looks like your abuser or the abuser themselves
Things seen like objects, photos, shapes, tools, shoes and so on
People fighting
People yelling at each other
Not sleeping well
Having sex
Using drugs
Making decisions
People who don't seem to understand
Being in the dark
Feeling objects that are sharp
Feeling trapped  or cornered
Feeling lost or being lost
Feeling abandoned
Feeling hopeless
Feeling vulnerable
Overwhelming feelings
Smoking cigarettes
The weather

There are so many triggers for survivors but the list can go on.

You should learn what triggers you and once you know, stay away from it until you are ready to face it and work through it. Triggers can be overwhelming but you must learn to keep yourself grounded and keep yourself aware of your surroundings. Take deep breaths and remind yourself that you are safe and that what happen in the past isn't happening you in the present.

I hope this was helpful... Keep strong and don't give-up! Stay Safe
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