The Survivors Prayer
There were many times I've felt so overwhelmed with chaos, so mentally drained that I thought I would surely go crazy or die. I felt so terrible... that the thoughts of death were so close upon me, constantly. I thought it would be better for me to die then to go on with the chaos. Then I took a stand and  I reached out with all my heart in prayer to the only one that I knew who could help me and lift the burdens that I could no longer bear. I cried out with all my heart!

And this is that prayer which I call the Survivors Prayer.

Dear Lord God:

In Jesus Name, I come before you, asking you to take this chaos away from me, I can't bear this pain, this agony and turmoil. I feel as though I am at the end of my rope; and I can't bear this any longer! Hold on to me before it's too late! I don't understand why I have to bear this this pain, it's too much for me. Lord you understand, you know me, you hear me! Please, please help me to overcome this moment, to overcome these thoughts, these flashbacks, this torment... hold on to me and don't let me go! I can't do this with out you! I can't bear it all!
All I know at this moment, is that I am going to believe in you and hold onto you. That you will not let me go! That you will hold on to me and save me from this chaos and anguish. Only you can help me! Only you can heal me! Only you can help me through this! Help me Lord... Hear my prayer! Send your angels to comfort me at this time in this moment!
I won't let you go until you touch me... my mind, my thoughts and my heart! You said in your word that you don't give us more then we can bear... So now I ask in Jesus name... I'm going to believe you with my whole heart even though I am afraid, I'm going to take a stand and I'm going to believe in you for my peace, my clarity and my comfort! I'm not going to let You go! Hold me! Help Me! Please don't let me go! I'm believing in you! I'm holding onto you with my faith, I'm putting my trust in you ,that you won't let me go! I will not let go of you Lord until you answer me! In Jesus Name I pray!

Many times I have prayed that prayer, and many times He has given me peace. Many times He has helped me through the  moments of crisis. I thank God, that he has seen me through many, many moments when I thought I would die or go insane. I have taken my stand with God and he has been faithful to his word. I no longer struggle as I use to, the worse of the battle is over, now I stand strong with God now and much healing has taken place. I made it through the worse and God has saved me from many, many things. Therefore I know that you to can and will make it through, you can and will overcome and make it safely through your walk towards healing, to that place where you to will find the comfort and peace that you are looking for.

Pray from your heart and for your mind and soul, and he will hear you. Pray from the deepest part of your heart with fullness and he will reach out and stretch out his hand and rescue you. Trust Him to bring you through all that you are going through, even when it seem as though you won't make it. He hears you when you call out to him in faith and believing that you will receive the answer to your prayers!

Have faith! Don't give up, I promise... It does get better and your heart will become lighter, stronger and the past won't hurt you anymore. It will pass!

I believe in you!
Keren Valentin
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