What is DID/MPD
MPD and DID is a diagnoses given to a person who is suffering with their individuality. One of the dissociative disorder; the presence of two or more relatively distinct and separate sub-personalities in a single person. In other words a Multiple (A person with MPD/DID) who has been diagnosed with Multiple Personality Disorder or Dissociative Identity Disorder as it is called today.

For many years this disorder has made many survivors feel isolated. The medical professionals have had a lack of knowledge through the years therefore dismissing it. But in the last few years research and studies have given even the strongest skeptics the evidence that MPF/DID is a true disorder of the minds ability to protect itself. MPD/DID is a direct result of traumatic childhood abuse. Through all the pain and turmoil of abuse, the child creates additional personalities, or parts that make up the whole. Abused children are scared and they are feeling alone and unprotected. There is no one around that could save them from the abuse that is taking place. Their pain has become overwhelming at this point, so they have to fight within themselves to survive the trauma. The child becomes confused, ashamed and frighten. The child thinks of ways to escape the turmoil and ugliness of it all. Their innocence has been taken and their hearts have been broken. They have no escape except that of their own mind. So they escape into their thoughts and fantasies, and begin to create a world of their own, a world where they can feel safe and protected. A place where no one can go and hurt them. Creating another part to take over their pain, creating a separate personality. Dissociating from the pain into a fantasy world of  their own.

These loving children who are in such pain don't know or understand that their creating a separated world. All they know is that they don't want to be there at that moment and time. All they know is that the abuse is too painful to stay around for, and once the child has learned to dissociate the creation of more parts or personalities continue to grow.

Children are very creative and every child has the ability to dissociate. The power of the mind has no limits and just because others don't understand or are thick head,ed doesn't mean it isn't real.

Not every child who is abused creates elaborate ways of escaping the pain. They just go on suffering in the reality of their pain while others block it out. Some of these children become prostitutes, drug addicts and career criminals. Some have eating disorders, problems raising children and so on. Then there are others who appear to live a so called normal life, yet they are dependent and dysfunctional. They have low self-esteem, troubled marriages, thoughts of suicide, sexual problems, violent or destructive behavior, and the list goes on. Much affects come out of a child who has been abused and the pain is still the same. Multiples just happen to find an alternative way of escape, unknowingly. Their very creative and intelligent and they have high IQ's.
Being a multiple is unbearable, an experience wished on no one. It is difficult for the survivor with MPD/DID to acknowledge the disorder. When they are told, their lives become chaotic and suicidal. Their feelings and thoughts are of those of going crazy. They question their sanity and their lives. They become filled with fear and are overwhelmed with thoughts and feelings unknown to them.
Multiples did not choose to be fragmented! Multiplicity is not something one is born with or that one can inherit. It was unfortunately brought upon by abuse, suffering and pain. If the abuse had not taken place, multiplicity would have not come into existence.
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