Don't Lose Hope
There is always hope don't ever forget that! Don't let your heart be discouraged when things seem out of hand, when the struggles become greater then what you think or feel; when you feel that you can't bear it all, when you think it's too much to deal with. I know that at times our hearts can becomes discouraged because of our past, our abuse and our nightmares. When the days and nights are overwhelming and so much is going on in our life. Hold on to that dream of becoming that person you want to be, the person you dream of becoming. Hold on and remind yourselves that you will overcome the struggles you face today. Each day is a closer day to victory and each step is one more step towards your dream of a new you. There is always hope and a new day to start fresh with a different and new perspective. Find a vision within your heart and a dream of what you want out of life and what you want to become. Have a goal and don't let go, see it, believe it and you will be it.  Don't think of who you could have been without the pain, think of who you can become and how you can help others. You are not here without a purpose, you were created for a reason. Life throws us bricks so we built a garden and plant seeds to watch them bloom, that's the way life should be. We have to grow, we can't sit around waiting for something to fall out of the sky. We need to move and take control of our lives and make the best of what we have, and make it greater then it would have ever been. 

We have to remember to hold onto hope because hope makes a difference within our lives, it makes a difference from where we are to where we're going. We need to embrace ourselves and the inner child within us; and walk firmly towards healing, stand strong and fight for what is ours and for all the desires and dreams that we hold close to our hearts. Not giving up, not turning away from all that will be if we allow the healing to take place and blossom within our lives. I don't have the magic words that can bring peace to your mind and heart, I wish I did. I wish I could tell you that it's going to be easy, but it's not. It's going to take courage, strength and believe in yourself; it's going to take all you have within you to move on and fight the good self. We can't allow those who hurt us to have the victory or the satisfaction of seeing us being destroyed... We Can't! We have to move on, we have to live! Fight hard to keep hope alive within you. It isn't good to wonder of all that could have been and isn't. It isn't easy to fight for your sanity when flashbacks and memories come, but you can do it, you can fight and win.

All in all its been a good fight for me and a fight that has taught me so much. I know that life can be hard at times but we must face it like the fighters that we are. We may become drained and tired but we must keep moving towards healing. Deep within you, you know that there is much more to life then the pain and sadness that is endured. You know that there is hope, you are still here and you will go on fighting. As long as you keep hope within you, you will go on to victory. Hope never disappoints us as long as we keep on fighting for what we want.

Keep believing, keep hoping and don't give up!
You are worth the fight! You are worth all that is good and that is nurturing.

Stand Strong and fight the good fight!

Written twenty Years ago
And I have become stronger through the years, and healing has finally come, and you can have the healing and the victory that you to long for, it possible and I am prove of that.

Stay Strong & Stay Safe!

Keren Valentin... Believing in you!
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