Child Abuse
As a survivor of childhood abuse I become angry, and overwhelmed with the facts on child abuse. I find this topic to be a difficult one and an unchanging one. Child abuse and neglect affects children of all ages. It is recognized as a problem of epidemic proportions. Child abuse crosses all socioeconomic levels, race and color and it has no boundaries. Any child could be affected by child abuse From the richest families to the poor families.

Sex offenders come in all shapes and sizes, from any part of society and any sexual preference. From neighbors, priest, pastors, teachers, and family friend, a father, mother, sister, brother, uncle, aunt it could be anyone, Most children get abused by a family member or someone close to the family, most of the time it's someone they know.

As parents we are the protectors of our children and we have to be aware; alert and watchful as to who is around our children. Never allowing ourselves to become blinded because of the status of an individual. The worse thing is a parent who is blind or pretends to be blind, these parents are aware yet they do nothing. Some parent decides to put their spouse first or the mother is in fear and or their drinking or on drugs. There are many reasons that this takes place, and in some cases, I believe that their in denial and don't want to deal with the situation. It's sad I know! The love of a children should override any situation that concerns their children. They fail to protect their children for many reasons that I can't conceive. Not all parents are aware of the abuse because one of the spouses puts fear into their children in many ways. So the other spouse really doesn't know what's going on. But once a child says that they are being hurt, they should be believed without question. And still for some their denial blocks the parents natural instinct to protect their child.  

Loved ones, friends and caring others also have the obligation to protect our children who are so gentle and innocence, not allowing anyone to hurt a child. Keeping an eye open to what's going on. If a child is afraid of someone, don't force the child to go to them, be aware of the child's behavior, it speaks louder then words. If a child tells you that something happened, believe them, these are not fantasies a child created or made up on his or her own. Children need to be protected and cared for, and making believe it isn't out there isn't going to stop it! They need to believed and know that someone believes them and that someone will protect them. They need an ear and a heart, not disbelieve.

Child sexual abuse occurs, when sexual activity such as exposure of genitalia, fondling, intercourse, oral sex, or pornography (exposure to or involvement in.) is enacted with a minor; by a person who holds power over them and over any event. The power difference eliminates consent! Listen to the children!

If your child tells you that something has happened----LISTEN

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